We Reengineer Debt Collection

Canadian Lender Solutions is a fintech company which re-engineers and synthesizes, through digitization and consolidation, the consumer debt collection industry in Canada.

Utilizing advanced analytics strategies, intelligent process automation, and leveraging the latest innovations in AI, CLS is re-engineering collection workflow, synthesizing customer care, first and third party collection, law, and vendor management to generate unprecedented returns for its customers.


CLS executes innovative, flexible and results-oriented workflows and collection strategies, leveraging multi-channel contact solutions to optimize account resolution.


Anderson Sinclair PC is a national firm specialized in legal recoveries. It provides a suite of legal services customized for every credit grantor.

Intelligent Process Automation

Our data lab develops advanced analytics solutions, algorithms and Intelligent Process Automation strategies that disrupt industry norms.

Vendor Management Technology

Not as a stand-alone but fully integrated with state-of-the-art collection systems servicing all asset classes in the recoveries lifecycle.

We Are Leaders and Pioneers

Disruption, re-engineering, and technological innovation are the heart of our DNA. We create new business templates and workflow processes which synthesize best-of-breed technology with data and risk analytics and produce single-source outsourcing solutions for Canadian Financial Institutions at lower costs and higher returns.

We pride ourselves on our mission to become “the only one throat to choke utility in Canada”.

Gary P. Mooney
Executive Chairman